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A) Prime Global investment Grade Bond Fund : Morningstar Rating (*****)

The objective of the Fund will be to generate returns through investments in debt and money market instruments. The fund shall leverage the investments to enhance returns. The fund shall create multiple series such that each series will be investing in a preselected basket of bonds.

B) Prime India Multicap Fund : Morningstar Rating (***)

Our aim is to capture India’s secular growth story using an actively managed approach using Indian listed stocks.

C) Prime Managed Futures Strategy

Prime Managed Futures Strategy is an absolute return strategy incorporating Commodity Futures , Volatility Futures and Equity Index Futures Long Short Trades

The Volatility Managed Futures attempts to provide a long/short position in volatility futures. The short volatility exposure is gained through S&P 500 VIX Short Term Index and then a corresponding long volatility is achieved using proprietary index methodology, in order to trade VIX futures only. Notional allocation to the long and short sides are rebalanced monthly while VIX futures are re-positioned daily to effectively arbitrage the VIX futures curve

The commodity Futures strategy attempts to profit from the price inefficiencies prevailing on the global commodity markets through the use of derivatives. It tries to profit from price differences between related commodity types (for example, European Brent Crude Oil vs. U.S. Light Sweet Crude) and also from discrepancies between futures contracts on the same commodity but with different terms (short-term vs. longer-term contracts) resulting from contango, backwardation and seasonal effects. Generally but not limited to, a long position is taken in long-term instruments, while a short position of the same size is taken in short-term instruments (calendar spread).

The Equity Index Futures strategy aims to capture opportunities arising due to changes in the market/business/economic/regulatory environment while minimizing volatility in returns through optimal portfolio shorts. The strategy aims to capture the upside in the market and at the same time look at opportunities from shorts. The fund shall invest in liquid Large Cap Stocks/ Stock Futures /Equity Index futures and also in Option. Alpha focus–aim to generate profits from both long and short side of portfolio. Market agnostic strategy that aims to provide consistent returns in all market environments/conditions